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From Ancient Dynasties to Present Day, The Beloved Earring is Here to Stay

From Ancient Dynasties to Present Day, The Beloved Earring is Here to Stay

Egyptian and Korean Dynasty Period Earrings (Photo Courtesy Wikipedia)


Earrings are one among the oldest known types of jewelry, with artistic and written references from cultures around the world dating back to early history. 18KT WHITE GOLD SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS


Gold earrings, alongside other jewelry made from gold, lazuli, and carnelian were found within the ancient sites in India, and Samaria. Gold, silver, and bronze hoop earrings were prevalent within the Minoan civilization and examples are often seen on frescoes on the Aegean island of Santorini, Greece. In discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb, the Pharaoh's earlobes were perforated, but no earrings were found inside the wrappings, although the tomb contained earrings.



Other early evidence of earring-wearing is clear within the Biblical record. In Exodus, it is written that while Moses was away from of Sinai, the Israelites demanded that Aaron make an idol for them. It is written that he commanded them to bring their sons' and daughters' earrings and other pieces of jewelry to him to melt them into an idol. By the classical period, including the Middle East, they were considered exclusively female ornaments. In Rome and also Greece,  earrings were worn mainly by women.18KT YELLOW GOLD CARTIER MAILLON PANTHERE EARRINGS


In Western Europe, earrings became fashionable among English courtiers and gentlemen within the 1590s during English Renaissance. A document published in 1577 by clergyman William Harrison, Description of England, states "Some lusty courtiers and gentlemen of courage do wear either ring of gold, stones or pearls in their ears”.  Among sailors, a pierced earlobe was a symbol that the wearer had sailed around the world or had crossed the equator.



By the late 1950s or early 1960s, the practice re-emerged within the Western world. Teenage girls were known to hold ear piercing parties, where they performed the procedure on each other. By the mid-1960s, some physicians offered ear piercing as a service. Simultaneously, Manhattan jewelry stores were several of the earliest commercial locations for getting an ear piercing.





From Ancient dynasties to present day, the beloved earring is here to stay!

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