A watch does a lot more than tell time. It tells a story.

What story do you want to tell? A story of legacy; timeless design and extreme craftsmanship. A piece that you will wear forever, and gift to a loved one to carry on the story.
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  • Dazzling Blue Sapphire Rings

    Dazzling Blue Sapphire Rings

    The standard used in identifying a good sapphire ring is quite different from the one used in determining a good diamond ring. Unlike diamonds, there is no 4C standard measurement for sapphires. In addition to that is if diamonds are treasured for their brilliance, sapphires are loved for their color.
  • From Ancient Dynasties to Present Day, The Beloved Earring is Here to Stay

    From Ancient Dynasties to Present Day, The Beloved Earring is Here to Stay

    Earrings are one among the oldest known types of jewelry, with artistic and written references from cultures around the world dating back to early history. From Ancient dynasties to present day, the beloved earring is here to stay! Golden Anvil Jewelers in Jupiter Florida has a beautiful selection of quality fine jewelry earrings.
  • Emerald - A Jewel Fit for a Queen

    Emerald - A Jewel Fit for a Queen

    The first known Emerald mines were in Egypt, dating from 1500 BC into the 1700's. Cleopatra was well known to have a passion for Emeralds, and she used them a great deal in her royal fashion.