Platinum Jewelry - Dispelling the Myths

Platinum Jewelry - Dispelling the Myths
Adam Binder
Adam Binder

Purchasing jewelry can be an incredibly sentimental and exciting experience. Whether it involves selecting the right engagement ring, wedding ring, or maybe fashion jewelry, there are many things to think about. The least of these considerations is often, the metal. There is a reason why platinum is considered the industry standard for fine jewelry. Despite platinum’s quality and reputation, there are still common myths attributed to platinum jewelry, so let's take some time to take a deeper look...


Is platinum softer than gold?

Platinum is synonymous with durability in jewelry. While most precious metals are soft in their raw state, it is important to notice that hardness does not necessarily equate strength. Platinum is far stronger and considerably denser than gold. In fact, platinum is one of the longest enduring natural materials on earth. Platinum gets stronger with wear through a phenomenon referred to as “work hardening”.  This means that each scratch on the surface of a platinum ring makes the surface stronger. It is known to be the simplest choice for heirloom and fine jewelry like engagement rings and wedding bands because it holds precious gemstones in situ more securely than other metals, all while making the gemstone appear even brighter. Platinum symbolizes your everlasting love and bond which will endure for years into the future.

Golden Anvil Jewelers | Platinum and Diamond Eternity Style Band

Are white gold and platinum interchangeable?

At first glance, white gold and platinum may look similar. However, this is often a standard misconception and of those two, platinum is the only true white metal. Gold is naturally yellow, so there is no such thing as “white gold.” White gold is an alloy created by mixing yellow gold with white metals before being coated with rhodium, a transition metal within the platinum group. Eventually, the rhodium coating fades away, and therefore the white gold will start to yellow over time. Platinum is pure and naturally white, ensuring its color will never fade, while white gold will need to be replated over time to take care of its white metal color. Another benefit, due to its purity, platinum is additionally hypoallergenic! Golden Anvil Jewelers | PLATINUM AND 18KT YELLOW GOLD 4CT COLUMBIAN EMERALD RING

Platinum and 18kt Yellow Gold 4ct Columbian Emerald Ring


Does platinum scratch more than other metals?

All precious metals scratch. Platinum, unlike other metals, can withstand daily wear without thinning. Precious metals are not resistant to scratches and wear over time. However, platinum is extremely durable and wears down at a slower rate than other metals. When gold is scratched, tiny, microscopic pieces of metal flake away, resulting in costly maintenance needs and possibly replacement. When platinum is scratched, the metal is not lost, it just moves aside and therefore the surface of the ring gets stronger through a phenomenon referred to as ‘work hardening.’  Over the course of 10 years of wear and tear, once maintenance costs are factored in, a white gold ring could find yourself costing 2.5 times of a platinum ring. A platinum ring cost more upfront, but it delivers better value over time.


Golden Anvil Jewelers | Platinum Diamond and Blue Sapphire Heart Pendant with Necklace


 Platinum Diamond and Blue Sapphire Heart Pendant with Necklace


Does platinum age poorly?

The telltale sign of a well-loved platinum piece may be patina, a satiny finish on the surface of the piece of jewelry that has been developed over years of wear and tear. The patina is considered a badge of honor within the jewelry world and is widely known by designers and collectors alike because it represents the metal’s true authenticity. If you favor a more luminous luster, platinum jewelry is often polished to return to its original shine. Platinum truly ages with grace, allowing it to be passed down from generation to generation.



Platinum 7ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet


Isn’t platinum too expensive?

Many people question why platinum is usually costlier than gold. For one, platinum is a denser metal. Platinum is 60% heavier than 14kt white gold. Purity also plays a role in the price. Platinum jewelry is typically 95% pure platinum, and white gold is 58.5% (14kt) or 75% gold (18kt). Less valuable metal is required when making a white gold piece. While a platinum ring may accompany a higher price tag, its value only appreciates in time, especially when considering the upkeep costs related to other metals.



Platinum jewelry is pure, hypoallergenic, rare, and stunningly beautiful. The Golden Anvil Jewelers has a large selection of quality platinum fine jewelry.


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Hopefully, this article gave you some insight into your choice of metals when it comes to purchasing your jewelry and why you ought to consider platinum as your metal of choice for your lifelong jewelry purchases.



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